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HCS/405 Week 4

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Learning Team:Simulation Review
Resource: Completed Health Care Accounting: Financial Indicators Simulation
In the simulation, you are in charge of a fictitious health care organization facing financial difficulties. As a team, discuss your experience on completing the simulation and brainstorm on the content learned. This discussion will help you evaluate your decisions and organize your thoughts for this week's individual assignment.
Discuss the following as a team:
• Discuss your experience completing the simulation.
• What was the working capital shortage presented in the simulation?
• What were the funding options for acquiring medical equipment?
• What were the funding options for capital expansion?
Write a 175- to 350-word paper summarizing your discussion.
Format your summary according to APA guidelines.
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Individual: Simulation Paper
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that analyzes the decisions you made in the simulation.
Include the following in the paper:
Phase I: Capital Shortage
• Analyze which cost-cutting options you selected and why.
• Analyze which loan option you selected and why.
• Analyze the outcome of your capital shortage decision.
Phase II: Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition
• Evaluate which cost-effective equipment selections you made and why.
• Evaluate the outcome of your cost-effective equipment acquisition decision.
Phase III: Funding Options for Capital Expansion
• Evaluate which source of funding for capital expansion you selected and why.
• Evaluate the outcome of your source of funding for your capital expansion decision.
Summary and Conclusions
• Explain what you learned from this simulation.
• Explain what you would do differently if you performed the simulation again.
• Explain how you will apply what you learned from the simulation at your current or future job.
Support your ideas, analysis, and conclusions with references to scholarly external sources, such as the textbook and journal articles.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Fundamentals of Macroeconomics 2 Economics Economics can be used to explain human decisions in everyday life. Whether on a micro or macro level, different aspects of the economy affect how individuals make decisions and interact with others. This paper will explain some of the key terms in economics as well as discuss different types of activities that affect government, households, and businesses. Key Terms in Economics First, GDP refers to gross domestic product. It refers to the total values of goods and services produced within an economy in a certain period of time. In general, GDP is measured on a yearly basis. The main components of GDP will be consumption level, government spending, investments, as well as net exports minus imports. For most states, it is ideal to have a high GDP because it indicates a growing economy and a higher standard of living for the people. Next, GDP can either be real or nominal. Real GDP is inflation-adjusted GDP that reflects the value of goods and services in that particular year based on a base year. On the other hand, nominal GDP is non-inflation-adjusted GDP. This means that the value of goods and services is expressed in current prices (Mofatt). Unemployment rate refers to the percentage of individuals who are unemployed and searching for work in the current workforce. In all states, the government will try to reduce unemployment rate because unemployment can bring about other social problems such as poverty and homelessness. However, it is important to note that unemployment is never at 0% due to natural unemployment. In the United States, the current unemployment rate as of December 2012 is 7.8% (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).


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