Descriptive Essay About A Basketball Game

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A Descriptive Essay on Basketball

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Context: Culture and Sports

A basketball is a unique object that is specially constructed for the game that goes by the same name. This ball is perfectly cylindrical and has no protrusions or depressions whatsoever. The ball measures slightly less than one foot across. It is usually made of a synthetic material, which is relatively permeable to fluids, a unique property when compared to other balls of comparable size such as a soccer ball (Naismith 2). Most of other balls of similar size are made of leather. Basketball’s spherical surface is rough, giving it a dull tone. While the feel of surface of the ball is soft, the material that makes it is tough, and maintains a spherical shape when in use. This outer synthetic cover of the ball has polymer fiber within its structure. However, these fibers are not visible on the surface of the ball. The rough and rubbery texture of the outer surface facilitates a firm grip. However, the dull tone is moderated using a bright color such as orange, which covers most of the surface of the ball. Despite the bright color, the ball lacks the luster that is consistent with most of other balls used in sports. A sporty appearance is achieved by several uniform impressions of curved lines on its surface. These lines bear a dull color that contrasts sharply with the bright hue that covers most of the ball. In addition, the uniform lines and the spherical shape of the ball give it a symmetrical appearance. The shape, surface texture, color, composition, and other physical properties of a basketball make it unique and special in the realm of sports (Naismith 18). Only the outer surface of a basketball is clearly visible, while its other parts are contained within the opaque cover. A small opening, usually used for pressurizing the ball is visible. This hole appears as a perforation on the surface of the ball, but it extends into the inner part of the ball, which is the bladder. This bladder is made of pure rubber material and is highly elastic. The bladder is expanded by pumping in air through a valve in the ball’s single opening. Since the bladder is confined within the outer cover, the ball pressurizes into a spherical object with a rubbery texture. A basketball is relatively light and weighs a little over half a kilogram. Since the enclosed space contains pressurized air, the ball moves slowly through the air while not in contact with any solid surface. Moreover, if the ball falls vertically from any height, it bounces back to a height slightly close to the original one (Naismith 5). The bouncing motion can be quick or slow depending on the force with which the ball is thrown downwards. Thus, this ball will bounce several times before settling on a hard surface. A soft thud is usually heard when the ball hits a hard surface. Considerable physical pressure on the outer surface of the ball temporarily deforms the ball. The original spherical shape is attained on removal of the deforming force. Due to its spherical shape and light material, the ball rolls freely on a flat surface. On the other hand, it is easy to keep the ball in the air since it descends slowly once thrown up in the air (Naismith 16). Normally, the ball will rotate when it is in the air. The rotation may not be visible due to the symmetry of the spherical shape of the ball. In addition, the lines on the ball may not be visible when the ball is in a spinning motion. Generally, the basketball is a unique object with special aspects in the context of sport. Works Cited Naismith, James. Fundamentals of basketball. New York: Rawlings Manufacturing Co., 1998. Print. HOW TO WRITE DESCRIPTIVE ESSAYS Descriptive writing styles vary depending on the discipline and the type of paper required. In the case of technical subjects and many science disciplines, description may include measurement and numerical expressions. Mathematical equations are necessary where scientific observations require quantification. On the other hand, description in the field of arts, sports, or culture may be entirely verbose. I the essay above, the description is more artistic than scientific. In addition, the essay falls in the scope of contemporary cultures, and is therefore verbose Any descriptive essay can be ordered at Order an type of paper at your convenience and professionals will be available to work on it. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER

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    This Is A Descriptive Essay About A Basketball Game (It Had To Be In Present Tense Or Something Along Those Lines)

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