Essay On Social Networking And Students

Making new friends, staying connected and satisfaction of social needs are the primary reasons why people consider using social networking. The modern world has turned into a small global village where the connection between individuals is simplified through the networks that are internet generated. The social media network has illuminated the lives of people by sharing of knowledge worldwide making turning them into global citizens. The impact of social media on youth especially the students has been more evident as compared to the elderly above the age of 35 years. Students can now communicate and share thoughts through the various social media websites platforms such as Facebook in real time regardless of the geographical locations or distance. Here are some of the major impacts of social media on students’ life.

1. More freedom of access
Many seniors always wonder why college and university students spend most of their time on social media platforms. It is a fact that there is more freedom in these platforms. The students can do whatever they want and socialize with anybody they like. Through the social media networks, they can make new friends, comment on lives of others and even create new identities. This freedom enthralls them.

2. Incredible learning exposure

Learning is a central thing in a student’s life. Students can interact with their friends and share knowledge and ideas that sharpen their mind. Learning new things is now easier for students than ever through social media networking. There are several researches which can prove you that it`s totally true. This has exposed students and has impacted significantly on their innovativeness.

3. Corrupted moral values
In spite of the numerous benefits of the social media, parents are always complaining about the drastic changes in their children’s behavior. Students can access different materials such as pornographic videos and images that corrupt their morals. Youths are very daring and will try to imitate everything they see on those social media networks. The result is dangerous and unacceptable habits and practices such as prostitution and use of drugs that significantly affects their life. Many college students become wasted due to the use of harmful substances that is mostly a social media influence. Social media even has caused suicidal behavior.

4. Social media addiction.

Getting too much involved in the social media platforms cultivates bad habits. Addiction to social media has affected significantly students’ lives leading to consistent practices that corrupt their minds. Instead of studying, playing and learning new techniques, most students will spend their time chatting with friend’s social media. Moreover, students tend to neglect their duties to talk with their buddies. This has induced laziness and loss of focus in life. The negative thing with social media addiction is that the relationships created break easily due to lack of direct contact. The result is frustration and stress on students.

It has become a big issue that most students who use social media networks group think. They are unable to depend on their original thoughts thinking that the views of others have more value than theirs. When given assignments or an exam, most students will not be able to tackle them independently and will have to seek help from the media networks. Some students will even find it hard to study due to easy access to various information on these platforms. For example, if you assign a student an essay to write, he or she will search a similar topic or download a pdf from the internet, copy and paste and hand over the work.

6. Issues with self-esteem

Many people especially the students feel lonely as a result of the social media impact. The effect is more evident in students who have grown up in places where they can access the web quickly than those who have less or no access. The habit of interacting through electronic means makes it harder to interact with people face to face. They communicate through the social media but are poor communicators in the real world.

7. Great minds and Innovativeness.
Research has shown that most students who are frequent users of media social networks are more innovative and exhibit great memories. This is due to exposure to different ideas and thoughts from the experts they interact with through the nets. The students can initiate their projects and run them efficiently with the help of social media. It is easier to consult the professionals on areas they need help. Exposure to more knowledge improves their thinking capacity that leads to greater minds. There are several researches which can prove you that it`s totally true. You can visit Edubirdy and find something interesting for you. This has exposed students and has impacted significantly on their innovativeness

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Subject:  Internet, Social Media and Students
Usage: Children’s 3 minute Speech, Short Essay, Short paragraph, Points for debates
Mode: Medium, Advanced
Total Sentence- 17 sentences, 363words
Target Age Group- 12-15 Years
Contributed By – Sruthi Sunil Jose
School: Hindu School, Chennai

The world is shrinking, its boundaries are slowly becoming invisible, and the people are better connected than ever. One major factor which significantly contributed to this phenomenon is the Internet and Social Media. Like it or hate it, we, students are also part of it. This new world has been attracting the youth, especially students, primarily because of one factor- Unlimited freedom. News pouring in from all the corners, friends from all over the world, instant entertainment videos, pictures, Movies , it’s a free flow of information and knowledge, all at  the touch of a button. As users of Internet and social media, it is very important that we realize the pros and cons of this new tool. The most important part in a student’s life is to study, learn good habits, gain knowledge to become a strong individual and help your society. Internet and Social Media will definitely help students in gaining knowledge and exploring our passion thereby helping to develop our creativity. We can use online teaching tools from experts around the world to understand the fundamental concepts better. Various home based experiments and projects ideas are available online as shared resources. Social media also helps to get recognition and appreciations to our ideas and creativity. A good ‘drawing’ or a speech video posted in Facebook will immediately gather ‘Likes’ all over the world bringing instant joy and satisfaction. We can also explore about various academic courses, conducted across the world and plan our career in advance. However recent studies have raised red flags about the effects of internet and social media on students, primarily because of its addictive nature. Over usage of Social media can inculcates bad habits, create identity crisis and can even affect social behavior of students. Studies found that over use of social media by students can negatively affect the physical playing time of kids, reduce interactions with parents and family members and silently encourages an introvert nature. It’s beyond doubt that the usage of social media should be balanced and regulated among students. However, the most effective regulation can happen  if we, as students develop an understanding about the negative aspects Internet and Social Media.


For speeches please add a formal introduction and conclusion part. For debates, you may use the below points, expand and prepare your points.


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