Mats University Dca Assignment Submission

The MATS School of Information Technology aims to bring Innovation in technology; to go beyond fundamentals with a view to building interest in students for specialized research; guide students in the development of new languages and to instill interest in hardware production; to create the ability in students for better hardware production; to develop new languages; to invent new operating system; and to develop data base languages.

Inculcating job - oriented, value based quality education in the discipline where students will be well versed in Micro computer system and software development together with quality interpersonal and professional skills. The curriculum reflects the depth and width of Information Technology, with a hands on understanding of technology.

The MATS School of Information Technology offers a three year degrees in BCA, B.Sc. (CS) Hon’s and in B.Sc. (Animation & Graphics); the M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, MCA and a five year dual degree program.

The curriculum reflects the depth and width of Computer Science. Emphasis is laid on practical understanding of technology. The students are trained in critical areas like programming, networking, web systems, information management and human computer interactions. The class rooms are designed with an IT environment and equipped with projectors.

The labs are internet connected and students are given a broader technical understanding of current and emerging technologies in the IT field. They are also introduced to systems engineering concepts and given a solid grounding in the technological basis of the internet.

Industrial visits are a part of the academic environment. The MATS School of Information Technology enjoys good relations with some of the top Companies like CTS, WIPRO, INFOSYS and HCL. Seminars, Symposium and Workshops are conducted to keep students updated with new technologies of different industries.

The MATS School of Information Technology associates with the student organization, Fabulous with a view to developing it professionally.

The placement cell provides students with every opportunity to enter top ranking companies like HCL, HP, INFOSYS and the like.

The Master and Bachelor Program of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences, with its team of talented, devoted and committed faculties, state of the art infrastructure, strong industry relations and a board of studies comprising of scientists, entrepreneurs and technocrats from academia and industry aims to impart high quality and effective teaching. The department houses well established specific laboratories like plant tissue culture, biochemistry, genetics, chemistry, biotechnology, bioscience and microbiology. It also gives state of the art facilities to the basic researchers within the department. It includes hi-tech instruments like UV-VIS spectrometer, cooling centrifuges, microfuges, deep freezers, LAF, BOD incubator, electrophoresis (horizontal and vertical), orbital shaking incubators, batch fermenter, binocular and trinocular microscope etc. The secret of success of this department lies in the academic environment and close ties between teachers and students. While one enjoys such flexibility, a grid discipline is maintained as far as the classes and projects are concerned.v

The facilities that are available to the students are superfluous and they are permitted to function individually in the lab. Biotechnology courses ensure further research and development in the latest areas and gives a surplus of opportunities to do research and project work at national level. Moreover, Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences provide maximum exposure to students in the field via industrial visits, training and internship programs. In addition to core area, Department also work on the students for their overall personality development like human values, managerial & marketing skills communication & presentation skills.


Biological and Chemical Sciences is an academic field that will be indispensable for solving important issues related to social life and survival of mankind such as medical care, food supply, and environmental problems. Furthermore, Biological and Chemical Sciences is predicted to develop as an even larger academic field by merging with a wide range of disciplines, from physical and chemical sciences, medicine, agriculture, engineering and information science to humanities and social science.

The MATS School of Biological and Chemical Sciences is unique in the Chhattisgarh State because it allows comprehensive education and research encompassing diverse fields of life science from the molecular and cellular levels to the individual and ecosystem levels. Another characteristic feature of this School is that it makes bioethics a value addition compulsory subject in order to cultivate future generations of ethically informed Biological and Chemical Sciences researchers and technicians. Our aim is not only to promote cutting-edge education and research in field of Biological and Chemical Sciences but also to cultivate human resources with a broad and balanced Biological and Chemical Sciences education and sound bioethics.

Furthermore, the School promotes collaborative research among researchers from a wide range of fields, including interdisciplinary research. By providing such an educational and research environment, it is expected that the School eagerly will nurture individuals who can apply the acquired intellect and means of new life sciences to sustain the global environment and improve human welfare.


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