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Marita's Bargain to be Success In this essay I am going to discuss the topic about to become a success Marita's bargain by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell talk about…show more content…

From my opinion Jonathan Kozol would say to Gladwell about Marita needed to go to the KIPP School cause of she needs to get a better education system who comes from low income and uneducated family background. To be a success of a student firstly he or she needs a big support from school. KIPP is that kind of school where students can learn feel free. They take care of their students specially who are weak in reading, writing and mathematics. KIPP shows students correct path and dedicate their knowledge, time to give them a better education by shortened summer vacation become success of a student in his student life to get a better educate. Marita's mom was like that parent who asked everyday her daughter after coming back from school.
Would be Kozol knew it that's why he recommended Marita needs to go to KIPP for a better educate.

On the other hand I would like to say from my concept about according to Prudence L. Carter would say to Malcolm Gladwell that Marita needed to go to KIPP school and to shed parts of her cultural identity because the KIPP is stablished in the poor neighborhood and most of the students are from the same neighborhood who are poor as well by so many ways. As like as low income family, single parent, uneducated environment, identical

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3. Summer vacation has not been at the center of any debates about the American school system. But, Gladwell argues, it really should be. High performing and low performing schools record the same or very similar levels of improvement over the course of a school year. In other words, a student from a top school and a student from a bottom school both record better test scores at the end of each year than at the beginning, and their scores are better by about the same degree. But over the summer, low-income schoolchildren lose ground that middle class children do not. If your family cannot provide for your engaging, enlightening summer vacation, if no one is present to encourage you to keep reading or join clubs or play educational games, summer vacation is a huge disadvantage to you.

Gladwell begins to direct his argument toward a possible solution to America’s education crisis. Whereas most arguments about education reform focus on teachers and students, Gladwell zeroes in on summer vacation, a seemingly tangential issue. But Gladwell convincingly demonstrates that the achievement gap is in many ways attributable to the existence of a summer break, which drives apart higher income children from lover income children and allows months of schooling to be undone for children who cannot afford to have a productive summer vacation.


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