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Oh, grad school. Delayed gratification, procrastination, perfectionism, continual criticism, pressure to “publish or perish,” uncertainty about the future, fuzzy rules, social isolation, and so on. Plus of course the enormous challenges of doing a dissertation or thesis . . . and the problems that arise from not doing it (when you know you should). If you’re struggling to make progress, consider working with me.

Working with me can help you:

  • Be accountable to a supportive champion (me!)
  • Set realistic goals and deadlines
  • Understand how you work best
  • Figure out a routine that works for you
  • See your situation from a new, useful perspective
  • Be motivated to tackle challenging tasks
  • Identify and deal with inner criticism that keeps you stuck
  • Identify and act in accordance with your core values and strengths
  • And more!

I have helped graduate students establish good writing habits, work more effectively and efficiently, take guilt-free time off, determine how best to communicate with their supervisors, achieve a better balance between paid employment and academic work, and make progress on their dissertations and theses.

Jennifer got me over the hump that was preventing me from writing. I am now moving ahead with a lot more confidence and clarity about what I am doing and how I should do it. Having someone who is not related to me or on my committee interested in listening on a specific time and date was tremendously useful in terms of getting my thoughts organized—like a self imposed deadline that provides you with accountability to someone else who is not judgmental or critical.

– Carolyn, ABD

Get on my waiting list for an initial consultations:

Like this:


Are you experiencing stress over your dissertation, that you might miss your deadline and get thrown out of the program?

Are you afraid that you spent all the time, money and work to get this point, and if you fail now, you will be letting down your family and friends, not to mention yourself?

Does it worry you to seek outside help, that you might get “caught” and dropped from the program?

I promise you there are options, and you are not risking anything by seeking outside help. In fact, I can guarantee your dissertation success, if you follow my system.

I’ll tell you more in just a minute…

But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is William Wargo, Ph.D., and for 23 years I have helped hundreds of doctoral students just like you to get what they’re after – their dissertation. I can say with surety that I can do the same for you.

You see, when I was younger (just a few years ago, :)), I was experiencing the same thing you are now. I had taken all of the courses, I had taken all the tests, and had done everything…everything except the dissertation.

And I was in trouble, because I just didn’t know how to approach the dissertation. I didn’t know what to do and time was slipping away. Had it not been for the good graces of a great professor and friend, who took me under his wing to help me with my dissertation, I might not be where I am today.

So under his tutelage, I learned how to think and write like a researcher. I gained the skill-set I needed and began making steady progress toward completion of my dissertation.

And with his help, I COMPLETED my dissertation and won my doctorate!

And afterwards, I decided to help others do the same thing – to overcome a system that doesn’t teach the necessary skills to enter the dissertation arena – and to prevail!

There’s more to the story, and you can get the details on my dissertation editing page, but let me get straight to the point…

Here’s How I Can Help You Complete Your Dissertation

With the services I provide through the Academic Information Center, and your commitment to following my system to completion, I pledge you’ll complete your dissertation.

You will be successful, I promise!

What you need is customized dissertation coaching services, that will tailor a solution to fit your exact needs, what your committee is looking for, and what will win them over, and you’ll get with the Academic Information Center.

Plus, I’m willing to give you an entire hour of coaching, absolutely free! You might just be able to extract everything you need in this short time, or maybe you will need more help – either way, I am ready to help you all the way to the finish line.

So here’s what you’ll get…

These are the keys to dissertation success. Again, this may be all you need to reach your goal. Or you may need further help to lay out the details and get through the process.

Either way, I can help you.

I can give you the keys and let you drive all the way to finish line, or I can get in the car with you and guide you through every step of the way, it’s really up to you.

I can also make sure that you stay on track by scheduling meetings and outlining specific step-by-step dates to keep you moving toward completion.

So by now you may be thinking…

How much is this going to cost me?

And I am so confident in you, that I am willing to giveyou a whole hour of my time, absolutely free and without any obligation.

Click here to schedule your free consultation now.

And like I’ve said already, this free consultation may be all you need to get you on the right track. I’ve had students that do exactly that – get the help they need to get them over the hump, and they take it the rest of the way without me!

And that’s OK, because I want one thing for you – to complete the journey and get your doctorate!

You see, the fact is, 100% of the clients that have followed my advice and coaching recommendations HAVE COMPLETED their dissertations and received their doctorates!

And I guarantee that if you follow my recommendations, you WILLbecome Dr. ________!

Now I won’t write the dissertation for you, but I will teach you how to write it, and giving you editing critiques and guidelines all along the way.

Dr. Wargo demonstrated a broad application of knowledge and a strong functional knowledge. I appreciated his analytical reasoning the most in helping me reach independent decisions.

The Academic Information Center strongly motivated me to complete my studies and directed me toward the tools needed to achieve maximum results and maintain fresh enthusiasm.

– Clarice Brown, Ph.D., Maryland

All I ask is for your commitment to success and I will give the exact support you need to finish your dissertation.

And I promise you that I will keep your personal information confidential.

I will not sell, distribute, or otherwise divulge your identity, or the work you complete, without express permission from you!

You will be in complete control – I’ll just help you get what you want.

So what are you waiting for…click the button below and let’s get started right away!

Dr. Wargo’s enthusiasm, guidance, and feedback made the dissertation process a positive and rewarding one. His expertise in data analysis, projective assessment, and qualitative methods was invaluable to finishing my degree in a timely manner with the results I was looking for.

– Karen Hansen, Ph.D., Vermont



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