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AB299 UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT 2 Although it is a small Coffee Shoppe, Tim’s is one of the more successful shops in the immediate area. Tim’s has an advantageous location near the local university, as well as the benefit of convenience to customer that are utilizing the nearby public transportation. Both of these facts give Tim’s a substantial customer base that is also relatively loyal to the shoppe. It is apparent that the majority of the customers come from people that fall into those two categories. Upon initial review of the Coffee Shoppe’s income statement, the greatest expense at Tim’s is supplies for the shoppe. If we assume that new business are moving into the immediate area around Tim’s there will be an influx of new customer to the coffee shoppe. IF that occurs there will be a corresponding increase in income. However, an increase of customers will also increase the expenses associated with running the shoppe.

247Perc cardiovasc proc w drug-eluting stent w/o MCC280 05SURG1.9911293Heart failure & shock w/o CC/MCC246 05MED0.6751192Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease w/o CC/MCC218 04MED0.7072Totals14962002.6282CMI1.33865Instructions for calculating the above values: 1. To find the “volume” when it is unknown: Divide the “weighted average” by the “RW”: 880.026/2.0953= 420 cases (volume)2. To find the “Weighted Average”:Multiply the “Volume” by the “RW”: 332 * 0.7375 = 244.853. To find the “RW” when it is unknown: Divide the “weighted average” by the “volume”: 557.508/280 = 1.99114. To find the Totals: a. Add all the volumes together: = 1496b. Add all the weighted averages together: = 2002.62825. To find the CMI (Case Mix Index): Divide the Total Weighted average by the Total volumes: 2002.6282/1496= 1.33865By convention, CMI is calculated to the fifth decimal points and rounded to four: 1.3387CMI = 1.3387Please complete the following table by completing the calculations and filling in the missing information. Once complete, determine the Case Mix index for the table. MS-DRGMS-DRG TitleVolumeMDCTYPERWWeighted989Non-extensive O.R. procedures unrelatedto principal diagnosis w/o CC/MCC2008SURG1.0583392Esophagitis, gastroent & misc digest disorders w/o MCC20006MED0.7375194Simple pneumonia & pleurisy w CC295 04MED0.9996405Pancreas, liver & shunt procedures w MCC280 05SURG5.7167388G.I. Obstruction w MCC05MED0.6603


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