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Writing a cover letter may be one of the most difficult challenges in the application process. Cover letters are a potential employer’s first impression of you, and you want it to be a positive one. Our help desk cover letter example and the following list of tips can get you started.

  • Do research the company so that you can address the hiring manager specifically. Addressing a person is always more impressive than “To Whom It May Concern.” Besides being more personal, using the hiring manager’s name shows him or her that you did your research.
  • Don’t fill up the letter with facts from your resume. Instead, use the cover letter for additional information to enhance what you’ve presented.
  • Do write in a conversational style without bending to unprofessional language. A conversational tone seems friendlier and makes you more approachable, qualities that contribute to positive first impressions.
  • Don’t copy and paste from a cover letter example you find online. Be yourself, an original, one-of-a-kind applicant for working the help desk. Let your personality shine in your cover letter, showing that your easygoing nature will put customers at ease when they ask for help.

Help Desk Advice

Looking for a job that combines customer service skills with technical know-how? Consider becoming a help desk professional. Help desk workers provide customer assistance that will help users troubleshoot problems with their software or electronic equipment. The cover letter examples we’ve compiled will help you craft an appropriate cover letter. Take advantage of the job-specific cover letter examples to get a head start on your own job winning cover letter. It’s a fast and easy way to get started on a cover letter you–and potential employers–can be proud of.

Cover Letter Tips for Help Desk

Finding jobs as a Help Desk requires hard work and job seeking skills. By refining your job seeking skills, you will be able to increase your chances of success. To help you, use the following tips.

1. Network in person and online. Tell others about your job search and ask them for help. You can attend social events, networking opportunities, or career fairs to expand your network and discover new job opportunities. You should also spend time on social media sites like LinkedIn.

2. Persistence pays off. Regular follow up communicates your interest in a job and increases your chance of success. You can follow up about a job opportunity until you receive a definite “no. “

3. Create a job-searching plan. Outline how you will use your time each day to maximize your chance of finding a job. Set goals and think outside of the box. Once you have a plan, make sure to stick to it.

4. Remain positive. Job searching is not easy, and it can take time. It is easy to feel discouraged while you are looking. A positive attitude will benefit your performance, especially during networking and interviews.

5. Determine your qualifications so you can determine the best jobs to apply for. There are most likely opportunities for work in the same industry. Depending on your background and skillset, you may qualify for jobs in other industries.

Help Desk Job Seeking Tips

To help you find jobs as a Help Desk, it is important to create a polished and professional cover letter. This document should highlight your top qualifications, skills, and accomplishments. Use the following tips to help you create a cover letter that is impressive to a hiring manager.

1. Use a cover letter template. Look for one that has sections, lists, bullet points, and bold text. These features make a cover letter easier to scan, so the hiring manager can quickly identify why you are right for the job.

2. The top section of the cover letter should highlight your skills and accomplishments. Use this area to sell yourself as a candidate.

3. Work experience should be listed in chronological order, and the most recent job should be at the top. Make sure to include the dates for each job. You can also include any relevant volunteer work in this section.

4. Never lie on a cover letter. Many people do this in hopes of landing an interview. Unfortunately, the truth usually comes out.

5. Two-page cover letters are completely acceptable, especially if you have a lot of experience. However, you should not add unnecessary details and fluff to lengthen a cover letter.

Job Descrpition & Responsibilities

The nature of working at a help desk makes it challenging due to the perceived immediate need of the people who call in. You will constantly be dealing with people who are frustrated and want answers. You will be an integral part of a company. Help desk agents usually work with a team, provide support to every aspect of a company, solve problems, improve efficiency, and work at a fast pace. This job is perfect if you like to think on your feet and enjoy doing different tasks every day. The average salary is around 37,000 dollars. With a well-written help desk cover letter, you can apply to jobs with a maximum salary of up to 49,000 dollars.

Required Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

Help desk agents are typically required to have a Bachelor’s degree in a computer science field, though there are some internships and other positions that you may be able to attain while pursuing such a degree. A help desk agent will also need to possess strong written and verbal communication and customer service skills, a knowledge of computer hardware and software programs, and an understanding of wired and wireless networks. It’s always helpful to have professional industry certifications in addition to the required education to make your help desk cover letter and résumé stand out.

Writing a Help Desk Cover Letter

It’s important to include a cover letter when applying for any position, but it’s especially important to write a help desk cover letter to highlight what makes you unique and a valuable team member for the company. In your help desk cover letter, you should be sure to list your qualifications — especially if you hold any certifications above what are required.

Review help desk cover letters like the one below and model yours after the one that best showcases your abilities and excitement about the position.

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Create a Cover letter Like This

Kathy Webster 1 Main Street New Cityland, CA 91010 Cell: (555) 322-7337 E-Mail: Dear Hiring Manager, Looking for an energetic Help Desk professional? Search no further, because I am ready for the job. With over nine years’ experience in technical support, I will step in and make an immediate contribution to Business Technology Solutions’ continued success. You are seeking someone who can answer a wide range of technical support questions on business workstations while maintaining first-rate service standards, and that is exactly what I am prepared to do. As a Help Desk Associate, I answer product questions, resolve use issues, and coordinate with other departments to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. In addition, I excel under pressure, am skilled at building rapport with both colleagues and customers, and proficiently handle complex technical issues. I look forward to meeting with you in person this week and discussing the details of this position. In the meantime, please find my resume attached. References are available upon request. Sincerely, Kathy Webster


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