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In these two stories, both authors depict the condition of his/her parent/child relationship in spatial terms and their perception of gradual changes by expressing the hardship of understanding affection from each of their father during their childhood. Although these two are connected, each author has different conditions in terms of relationship with their own father and ways of describing to depict their stories. After analyzing each story, I believe that Brad Manning’s “Arm Wrestling with My Father” wins over Sarah Vowell’s “Shooting Dad” in terms of sharing with the readers about his relationship with his father more vividly. Brad Manning’s “Arm…show more content…

As he gets older, Manning finally achieved what he has always wanted, which is to defeat his dad in their activity of arm wrestling. Although it may have been something that he had always wanted to achieve, Manning’s achievement was nothing but a pyrrhic victory. He tells readers that he felt guilty for winning instead of embracing his victory because he realizes that during the whole event some part of him was rooting on his dad to win. Having the motive of ‘keeping the legend alive’, Manning actually felt sorry after seeing his dad losing for the first time. This incident puts their relationship into a turn, having Manning’s father being gentler towards him on the day he left for the airport. That was when Manning realized that he has taken over his father’s place. Without a doubt, Manning did a great job in terms of effectively sharing his emotional experience, which truly grabs readers by heart. Sarah Vowell’s “Shooting Dad” is of her differences between her and her father who happens to be a gunsmith. In her opening scene, Vowell described to her house as a “house divided” (SV134) where it is divided into two sides which one part of the house was the Democrat and the other was the Republican. She also illustrates how her house is the “United States of Firearms” (SV 135) and how they are “messy people”, with area full of guns and hers full of instruments. From this she depicts once again the differences

In the essay, the author should have a subject matter he has targeted. To come up with themes for instance “Reparations” for slavery and “Fatherhood”. The subject in their writing indicates the relationship that exists between a father and a son. According to the reader, could this be his or her expectation should be that the two should be related in a friendly way but their crude way of relationship surprises the reader and he or she might want to know what would have conspired, for it to come to that level. The writer uses a plot to give summary of the book. The reader will be able to have an overview of the book. In the book, the writer will be able to read the introductory part of the story, expository, climax and denouncement or conclusion to have the knowledge of the story. The writer is artistic by nature. Therefore he or she must make sure that his piece of writing is interesting therefore he has to include all the stylistic devices relevant to the kind of materials that he is writing. In most cases, the stylistic devices can be similes, imagery, use of standard language and others. Examples from the essay Comparing Brad Manning’s story “Arm Wrestling with my Father” and “Itabari Njeri’s “When Morpheus Held Him”, the son refers to his father as an arm.

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On Arm Wrestling with my Father by Brad Manning

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Arm wrestling with my Father by Brad Manning

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